Uniquely created to improve wellbeing in the workplace

Uncovering mission statements, setting goals, and achieving success: this is our mission at Unstoppable Life Coaching.

What we do

Motivated by the staggering statistic that an estimated one in ten of the 70 million sick days lost each year is due to mental health, we are a team of qualified counsellors and life coaches on a mission to make a difference. Through our work conducting one to one life coaching sessions and team workshops within organisations, we empower individuals to prioritise mental health, set achievable goals, and live unstoppable lives.

How we help

Wellbeing Webinars

Our Wellbeing Webinars are designed to help your team understand more about mental health and feel more comfortable talking about it.

How we help

One to One Coaching Sessions

For individuals, the impact is massive. After spending 4 sessions working with an Unstoppable Life Coach, on average staff members have reported feeling more motivated, focused, healthy, and supported at work.

For Managers

Managers looking after a team can see improvements in staff:

  • Efficiency

  • Productivity

  • Engagement

What clients say

“Culturally, you’ll see a difference straight away”

Michael, General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow

“I’ve found that by investing in these sessions it’s enabled me to level up both in my personal life and in my business”

Hannah Smikle, Vocal Performance Coaching

“Lily-Jo is so positive and even though I hadn’t achieved all of my goals, she offered reassurance and made some other suggestions how to go about things. Before the session, I was feeling a bit rubbish that I hadn’t tried harder but afterwards, felt really motivated and ready to give it another go. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“My life coach is very easy to talk to no matter what the problem is. When you talk to her, you know she is listening to you, and understands what you are saying. She is very caring and laughs with you. Thank you. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I was unsure what to expect but it was great to have a little bit of focus on how I can improve myself. Lily-Jo’s positivity was completely infectious – I left the session feeling really motivated and wanting to make a difference.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“It’s such a benefit to have your workplace care about you.”

Angela, Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow

“Great tools for a stress free life. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I really liked the session, a lot of the conversation was structured around simple Q&A that challenged me to come up with the answers by eliminating my own excuses along with a couple of really tangible tips which have helped me make real changes to my routine and how I challenge myself to commit to the things I want to spend more time on. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“My Unstoppable Life Coach helped me to see that my goals are achievable. As someone who works freelance, It’s nice having someone to be accountable to. ”

Babs Bray - Owner, Forever Tidy

“My coach was really open and wasn’t judgemental at all.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

Meet Lily-Jo

Founder and senior coach

“My team of coaches are friendly, professional, and trained in counselling and mental health. Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your team live unstoppable lives”

Get it touch

Email hello@unstoppablelifecoaching.org

If you would like to discuss a tailored solution for your business, or if you have any questions, our team would love to hear from you!