What Executives and Managers Say

“It's an excellent investment in employee development and engagement as Lily Jo coaches on how to manage time, maintain effective relationships, and find work/life balance. ”

“It can be so much easier to talk to a stranger than a colleague or manager – staff feel much more supported.”

“Unstoppable allows the team to set their own personal/career goals and be accountable which in turn has been positive for the business.”

“Unstoppable has been a great asset to the business, particularly as our company employees a diverse group of people at different stages of their lives and careers. They are able to offer personalised support in many different areas depending on peoples needs, from goal setting, forming habits and dealing with stress & anxiety. We have seen many benefits including increased resilience, engagement and improved relations with their colleagues.”

“I’ve found that by investing in these sessions it’s enabled me to level up both in my personal life and in my business”

Hannah Smikle, Vocal Performance Coaching

“It’s such a benefit to staff to have your workplace care about you and invest in mental health.”

Angela, Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow

“Unstoppable helps me to see that my goals are achievable. As someone who works freelance, it’s nice having someone to be accountable to. ”

Babs Bray - Owner, Forever Tidy

“Fantastic working with Lily Jo highly recommend working with her. I'm looking forward to working on next months sessions.”

Joanne Hunt, HR Director, Lancashire Cricket

“Culturally, you’ll see a difference straight away”

Michael, Senior General Manager, Valor Hospitality Partners

“As a chief executive, I know and understand that the bottom line is crucial particularly coming out of Covid but recognising that your team is THE asset of the business , then prioritising well being and mental health becomes an easy call. I cannot recommend Lily-Jo highly enough.”

Daniel Gidney, Chief Executive, Lancashire Cricket

"The best ROI you could ever forecast in terms of productivity and morale.”

“As we all struggled dealing with a horrific pandemic and multiple lockdowns, managing furlough, catastrophic loss of revenue and worst of all the loss of dear friends to this dreadful disease, Lily Jo has been a smiling light in the darkness. Having well being Wednesdays and also available for individual one to one sessions for all staff has been a real Godsend for all at Lancashire Cricket Club. When days have felt hopeless, Lily Jo provided that hope. She has had a remarkable impact on our organisation. As a chief executive, I know and understand that the bottom line is crucial particularly coming out of Covid but recognising that your team is THE asset of the business , then prioritising well being and mental health becomes an easy call. I cannot recommend Lily-Jo highly enough. If you have not worked with her before then do so. The best ROI you could ever forecast in terms of productivity and morale.”

"Culturally you'll see a difference straight away"

“Lily-Jo is one of the most engaging speakers we’ve ever had!"

"It's lovely to see someone so enthusiastic about the cause. Thank you for putting on such an inspiring, engaging and frankly outstanding session.”

"Hilton Garden Inn Bristol's Leadership team started our Goal Getters bespoke development programme with the delightful Lily-Jo.

Wow! What a great session, I am so excited to see what we can achieve together!"

Clients include:

What Staff Say

“I’ve worked with Lily Jo for a number of private sessions that my work place provided and I could not recommend her enough. We worked through some difficult stuff whilst always keeping it entertaining and enjoyable. Lily Jo is a ray of sunshine and I think anyone would struggle to come away from a session not feeling positive and uplifted. I have also attended many of her life coaching workshops and use a lot of the skills and practical sheets that she provides throughout my week. I’ve found them really beneficial daily and they help me to stay on top of my own mental health. If you are considering working with Lily Jo, I ensure you that you will not be disappointed and you should 100% go for it!”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“Lily-Jo is so positive and even though I hadn’t achieved all of my goals, she offered reassurance and made some other suggestions how to go about things. Before the session, I was feeling a bit rubbish that I hadn’t tried harder but afterwards, felt really motivated and ready to give it another go. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“My coach was really open and wasn’t judgemental at all.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I really liked the session, a lot of the conversation was structured around simple Q&A that challenged me to come up with the answers by eliminating my own excuses along with a couple of really tangible tips which have helped me make real changes to my routine and how I challenge myself to commit to the things I want to spend more time on. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“Great tools for a stress free life. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“My life coach is very easy to talk to no matter what the problem is. When you talk to her, you know she is listening to you, and understands what you are saying. She is very caring and laughs with you. Thank you. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I was unsure what to expect but it was great to have a little bit of focus on how I can improve myself. Lily-Jo’s positivity was completely infectious – I left the session feeling really motivated and wanting to make a difference.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“It helps that Lily Jo is so lovely, easy to talk to and takes a genuine interest in you.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“The structure and content of the sessions is really well put together and thought-out.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I was at my lowest when I first spoke to Lily-Jo. Before the sessions I thought to myself how is this going to work, but it did. She sat, she listened, we laughed, I cried. She was very sensitive to my feelings. I now feel I have my strength back and I can deal with anything else this world throws at me.”

“Lily Jo has helped me achieve a huge amount in a short space of time and I definitely wouldn't be where I am without her! ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I recently received some devastating news, after speaking to Lily-Jo, I was able to put it in perspective. It was good to talk to someone who isn't linked to the problem.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“Lily-Jo is a warm and kind person who is easy to relate too, which helps in communicating my emotions.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“Lily-Jo has such a bubbly personality, its infectious. I always leave the webinars feeling positive.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“The webinars are really clear and fully explained.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I think the webinars open up the conversation of mental health within a team. Good tips for dealing with anxiety and it encourages you to know you are not alone.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“Lily-Jo comes across really well in the webinars and is very engaging and easy to understand. She puts a smile on my face, her smile is infectious and a good smile is great no matter ones mental health!”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“The webinars have helped me with my anxiety and how to deal with it properly as I wasn’t sure before. I feel more calm now.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“Lily-Jo, You are inspirational. Thank you for all you do. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“Mentally, I’m feeling a new sense of strength and positivity. I keep my boundaries in place and feel okay to say when I need what I need. I just honestly can’t thank you enough for all you taught me, processed with me and encouraged me in.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I was extremely fortunate that my employer funded one to one sessions with Lily Jo from around the start of the pandemic and ongoing. ”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“As soon as I (virtually) met Lily Jo we had an instant rapport. She is so friendly, non-judgemental and warm. What started off as life coaching often moved into counselling as I navigated dips in my mental health and our sessions helped me immensely with anxiety and depression. I knew I could trust her implicitly from the get go and for the past 18 months she's been an incredible source of strength, encouragement and motivation.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“There is often a lot of lightness, laughing and smiling too! Our chats are certainly not super deep and serious at all times. Lily Jo has helped me to learn so much about myself and has helped me to level up in my life. A by-product of this is that I've been more productive and focused at work. When I'm mentally well, the quality of my work is much higher and I thrive much more at work.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I always look forward to working with her and without fail I always feel boosted after our sessions. I believe that working with Lily Jo is like having a personal trainer but for my mind. I don't just need her sessions when I'm in a health crisis. I need them to exercise my mental muscles and build resilience so I'm better able to weather the storms when they come. I couldn't recommend her highly enough and I'm so fortunate that my employer cares about my mental wellbeing. It's a win win for them and for me. Thank you for everything!”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“Personally it's made me more aware of how to look after my mental health. I'll continue to use these exercises each day when I go back to work for sure.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I found the course really interesting. The techniques they teach to remain calm and other ways of releasing tension are really helpful day to day.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“The webinars are very helpful!”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

“I would definitely recommend the workshops that you offer.”

Unstoppable Life Coaching Client

Meet Lily-Jo

Founder and Senior Coach

With over a decade of experience Lily-Jo is a dynamic mental health Counsellor & Transformational Coach.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in business, government, and charitable organisations, Lily-Jo provides wellbeing services including one to one sessions, group workshops, and wellbeing webinars to transform and inspire whole workplace communities.

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    Our wellbeing webinars are designed to help your team overcome the most common mental health challenges that they face. These webinars are available 24/7 for your team.
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