Unstoppable Life Coaching

Improving Wellbeing In The Workplace

Our team of coaches and counsellors are on hand to provide one to one sessions, wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, and 24/7 virtual tools to support your team, when they need it most.

1 in 4 adults struggle with their mental health at some point in their adult life. We provide a one-stop shop for wellbeing support to individuals and workplaces around the world.

What we do

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 70 million sick days are lost each year, and we estimate 1 in 10 of those days are mental health related. Our team of qualified counsellors and life coaches work with you to identify those who are struggling, and put support in place to help them. Through our one to one life coaching sessions, wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, and virtual 24/7 support, we work within organisations, and empower individuals to prioritise their mental health, set achievable goals, and live unstoppable lives.

How we help

Wellbeing Webinars

Our Wellbeing Webinars are designed to help your team understand more about their mental health, and feel more comfortable talking about it.

How we help

One to One Coaching Sessions

In our one to one sessions we use diagnostic questionnaires to establish the level of support needed for the individual. We screen for anxiety, depression, and introduce our bespoke self care questionnaire. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and the individual is able to reflect, explore, and evaluate their emotional wellbeing in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Sessions are carried out in-person, or virtually through video conferencing. Staff members who have had the opportunity to work with our coaches and counsellors have reported feeling more motivated, focused, resilient, and supported by their workplace.

For Managers

Managers looking after a team can see improvements in staff:

  • Efficiency

  • Productivity

  • Engagement

What Executives and Managers Say

“As a chief executive, I know and understand that the bottom line is crucial particularly coming out of Covid but recognising that your team is THE asset of the business , then prioritising well being and mental health becomes an easy call. I cannot recommend Lily-Jo highly enough.”

Daniel Gidney, Chief Executive, Lancashire Cricket

“Culturally, you’ll see a difference straight away”

Michael, Senior General Manager, Valor Hospitality Partners

“Fantastic working with Lily Jo highly recommend working with her. I'm looking forward to working on next months sessions.”

Joanne Hunt, HR Director, Lancashire Cricket

“It’s such a benefit to staff to have your workplace care about you and invest in mental health.”

Angela, Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow

“I’ve found that by investing in these sessions it’s enabled me to level up both in my personal life and in my business”

Hannah Smikle, Vocal Performance Coaching

“Unstoppable helps me to see that my goals are achievable. As someone who works freelance, it’s nice having someone to be accountable to. ”

Babs Bray - Owner, Forever Tidy

“It's an excellent investment in employee development and engagement as Lily Jo coaches on how to manage time, maintain effective relationships, and find work/life balance. ”

“It can be so much easier to talk to a stranger than a colleague or manager – staff feel much more supported.”

“Unstoppable allows the team to set their own personal/career goals and be accountable which in turn has been positive for the business.”

“Unstoppable has been a great asset to the business, particularly as our company employees a diverse group of people at different stages of their lives and careers. They are able to offer personalised support in many different areas depending on peoples needs, from goal setting, forming habits and dealing with stress & anxiety. We have seen many benefits including increased resilience, engagement and improved relations with their colleagues.”

Meet Lily-Jo

Founder and Senior Coach

With over a decade of experience Lily-Jo is a dynamic mental health Counsellor & Transformational Coach.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in business, government, and charitable organisations, Lily-Jo provides wellbeing services including, one to one sessions, group workshops, and wellbeing webinars to transform and inspire whole workplace communities.